The name ‘Chetak’ carries a nostalgic significance for many Indian families, echoing a legacy of trust and utility. Bajaj Auto has rekindled this historic nameplate with an electric twist in the form of the Bajaj Chetak Urbane. This modern avatar combines the charm of the classic scooter with contemporary electric mobility solutions, aiming to cater to the eco-conscious urban commuter. Here’s a deep dive into the Bajaj Chetak Urbane and why it stands out in the burgeoning electric scooter market.

1. Design and Aesthetics: The Bajaj Chetak Urbane beautifully merges retro design elements with modern aesthetics. The body features smooth curves and a neo-classic look, reminiscent of the original Chetak, yet refined for today’s tastes. The LED lighting, including the stylishly integrated indicators and headlamp, lend a futuristic glow that complements its vintage roots. Available in charming colors, the Chetak Urbane is not just a ride but a style statement on wheels.

2. Electric Powertrain: At the core of the Chetak Urbane is a robust electric powertrain that promises not only silent operation but also impressive efficiency. The scooter is equipped with a 4kW electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery, offering a reliable performance suitable for daily commutes. The Urbane model boasts a range of approximately 95 kilometers on a single charge under ideal conditions, which is commendable for city travel and short trips.

3. Charging and Convenience: Charging the Chetak Urbane is as straightforward as charging a mobile phone. It comes with a charging cable that can be plugged into any standard 5-15 amp electrical outlet. A full charge can be achieved in about five hours, ensuring that it is ready for your daily commute without any hassle. The ease of charging at home or at the office makes it an excellent option for those looking to switch from petrol scooters to a more sustainable alternative.

4. Riding Experience: The ride quality of the Chetak Urbane is smooth and refined, thanks to its automatic transmission and absence of engine noise. The electric motor provides instant torque, making it zippy and fun to ride in urban environments. Furthermore, the scooter features two riding modes: Eco and Sport, allowing riders to optimize performance based on their needs. The regenerative braking system not only ensures safety but also helps in conserving and recharging the battery during rides, enhancing its efficiency.

5. Smart Features: Bajaj has equipped the Chetak Urbane with several smart features to enhance rider convenience and safety. The scooter includes a digital instrument cluster which offers all essential information at a glance, such as battery status, range, speed, and more. Additionally, it has Bluetooth connectivity which allows for smartphone integration to manage various aspects of the scooter through an app. This includes geo-fencing, navigation, and battery management, making the Chetak Urbane a truly smart urban mobility solution.

6. Affordability and Maintenance: One of the biggest advantages of the Chetak Urbane is its cost-effectiveness. With zero fuel costs, low maintenance due to fewer moving parts, and various government subsidies on electric vehicles, the Chetak Urbane is an economically sensible choice over the long term. The reduced maintenance burden not only saves money but also time, making it a practical choice for the daily commuter.


The Bajaj Chetak Urbane stands as a testament to Bajaj Auto’s commitment to sustainable and innovative transportation. It is an ideal choice for those looking to make an environmental impact without compromising on style, performance, or the joy of riding. With its rich heritage, modern features, and economical operation, the Chetak Urbane is poised to become a beloved companion for the eco-friendly urbanite. As cities become more congested and pollution concerns grow, the Chetak Urbane offers a glimpse into a cleaner, more efficient future on two wheels.