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An essential component in electric two-wheelers, and plays a crucial role in converting the DC power from your vehicle’s battery to the required voltage level for various electrical systems and components.

DC to DC Conversion: Our DC Converter steps down the high-voltage DC from the battery to the appropriate voltage level for lights, horn, indicators, and the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU).

Stabilizing Voltage: It helps stabilize the output voltage, ensuring a constant and steady power supply.

Charging Auxiliary Devices: It allows charging USB charging ports or other auxiliary devices using the vehicle’s main battery power.

Efficiency and Energy Optimization: Our DC Converter efficiently manages power flow and voltage conversion, and helps optimize the use of the battery’s energy, thereby extending your vehicle’s range.

Compact Size and Weight. As electric two-wheelers need to be lightweight and compact, our DC Converter is designed with these considerations in mind.


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